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Advantages of buying a Manufactured Home vs a Traditional Home

Manufactured homes offer high-quality construction at a very great value. These homes can be built in much less time than conventional construction methods take. In addition, the home buyer does not need to deal with general contractors, subcontractors, and the long building process. Less money, less time, fewer hassles, and high-quality living add up to considerable advantages for manufactured home buyers.

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Manufactured Home Innovations

Manufactured houses are constructed in a controlled factory environment and built to Federal Manufactured Home Construction and Safety Standards. Manufactured homes have seen dramatic advances in appearance and quality. The technology and innovations in the manufactured home industry continue to develop.

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Why Go With Mobile Home Specialty Insurance Over Your Existing Traditional Insurance Carrier?

All mobile home insurance isn’t the same. Often manufactured homeowners are paying too much for not enough coverage. Big companies don’t understand how to provide comprehensive coverage because they don’t know the inner workings and nuances of owning a manufactured home.

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Top Must-Have Manufactured Home Upgrades

When choosing a new manufactured home, you will become the owner of a beautiful, efficient, and durable home. Many features can be added or upgraded to customize the home to your tastes and needs. Options will also add value to your house.

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Why Younger Generations Are Becoming Homeowners By Purchasing Manufactured Housing

In today’s market, manufactured housing has piqued the interest of an increasing number of house purchasers. For millennials still burdened by student loan debt and baby boomers downsizing as they approach retirement, prefabricated houses provide a unique buying option that combines all the desirable characteristics of a new home without the site-built price tag.

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History Of Manufactured Homes

A mobile house is a prefabricated building constructed in a factory and then moved to a location through a permanently connected chassis (either by being towed or on a trailer). Used as permanent residences or for vacation and temporary housing, they are often left in one location permanently or semi-permanently.

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